Thom Hartmann Chooses It Could Happen Here for “Independent Thinker of the Month” Review

by Bruce Judson on February 22nd, 2010

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I was honored to learn that Thom Hartmann, the thoughtful progressive author, columnist and syndicated radio and Web television host selected It Could Happen Here as his “Independent thinker of the Month” book review. An excerpt from his extensive review follows:

The United States “is not immune from history,” Judson says, and lays out the factors that he believes could well lead us to a collapse/revolution that would permanently alter the landscape of this nation. The most important of these factors, he suggests, is that revolutions are likely to happen not when people experience the most privation (which is what conventional wisdom suggests) but, instead, when people’s expectations for the quality of their lives are dashed quickly, unfairly, and without recourse.

The American Dream is, for most Americans, no longer viable, as Judson documents in frightening detail in this book. It’s been replaced by underwater home values, massive credit card debt, the most rigid economic/social order in the industrialized world (for the first time in two centuries, in America today the most reliable predictor of a child’s economic future is his parents’ economic status), and a growing certainty that the political game has been rigged by big wealthy interests at the expense of average working people.

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